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  • BRIGHTS Summer Program

    What’s at BRIGHTS for Summer?

     At BRIGHTS, Summer Program is so unique and well organized that it has become one of Istanbul’s most distinct summer programs!

    BRIGHTS Summer Program does not only insure our team of educators plenty of time for skill reinforcement but also allows BRIGHTS students more time for engagement with newly acquired life skills.

    By the same token, Summer Program prepares new students who are willing to join BRIGHTS in the following year some time to get along with school’s versatile, international culture. As such, BRIGHTS Summer Program serves as both a skill recap wheel for already registered BRIGHTS students and as a new learning hub for BRIGHTS-to-be students as they smoothly delve into the school’s versatile culture.

    Our Summer Program follows the ratio of 70-30 for co-/extra-curricular & curricular content respectively, with our 70% co-/extra-curricular ratio program section comprising of many activities, such as


    Mindfulness Field Trips Science Tips Music Crazy Lab
    Mud Pie Kitchen Potion kitchen Robotics Reading Circle Cooking
    Theater/Drama Educational Games Cinema Physical Education  STEM & STEAM Activities
    Taekwondo Dance Fitness Training Water Activities Crafts


    The duration of each main curricular and co-curricular activity is 40 minutes during our 5 hour-per-day program, including classes such as English, Turkish, Computer, and Arts too.

    Our curricular and co-curricular hands-on activities pivot on engaging our children with

    • Solving problems as an integral part of our daily Math session
    • Completing lab experiments as an integral part of our daily science session
    • Asking kids to write and illustrate their own story as a part of many English sessions
    • Practicing vocabulary in creative ways during crazy art sessions
    • Building creativity, and problem solving skills through STEM & STEAM activities.
    • Engaging with many objective-oriented P.E. activities that help maintain good health, build team spirit, and hone stamina


    And in order to maintain and keep up with the safety standards, BRIGHTS has been following well accentuated health and safety policies for its Summer Program, making sure that all activities are children friendly; that all children are never left untended; that all are served healthy value meals; and that children’s health records are maintained and continually updated by our school Nurse.

    Along with attention to curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities for Summer Program, we keep an eye on providing the required student induction on ethics, cultural diversity, empathy, and tolerance on a daily basis through discussion during breakfast time and circle time, as well as through stories and other related activities.

    At BRIGHTS, Summer Program is not just a word. It is a world of learning experiences that our students so dearly cherish for many weeks!

    It’s idle summer everywhere else, but not at BRIGHTS!