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  • BRIGHTS Parent-School-Parent Communication Circuit

    In order to keep its stakeholders so engaged and well aware of children’s journey at the school, BRIGHTS adopts a full-fledged circuit of “Parent-School-Parent” communication channel that helps parents/guardians stay updated about their children’s academic, behavioral, and health status throughout the school day.

    Using our CampusLive platform that enables parents or guardians a bird’s-eye view of their child’s academic and behavioral progress, BRIGHTS insures a highly organized and structured parent-school-parent communication, which is further supplemented with BRIGHTS openness to parents or guardians’ contact via other communication means, including emails, IMs (such as WhatsApp that connects to every school department), phone calls to every school department too, and regular text messages.

    BRIGHTS / DepartmentPhone Number / Calls & WhatsAppEmail Address
    Student Admission / Student Affairs+90 552 322 2740admission@brightsint.school/
    Preschool (Nursery, KG1, KG2)+90 531 420 0512preschool@brightsint.school
    Primary School (Grades 1 to 6)+90 531 420 0573primary@brightsint.school
    Middle & High School (Grades 7 to 12)+90 531 420 0576middle.high@brightsint.school
    Human Resourceshr@brightsint.school
    IT Support+90 531 420 0546support@brightsint.school
    Accounting+90 534 767 1131accounts@brightsint.school
    Transportation+90 552 322 2840transport@brightsint.school

    The Parent-School and School-Parent communication mechanism is so meticulously followed by our Student Affairs Department, which responds to general queries mainly by newly admitted students, and advises about the right channels to communicate with for other special requests, queries, or complaints, some of which are channeled to Student Counseling Department that pinpoints and insures student’s psychological well being and helps with screening for and tackling learning difficulties, should there be any.

    In tandem with BRIGHTS policy of directness and immediacy, parents or guardians maintain direct contact with the Head of Preschool Department, Head of Primary School Department, and Head of Middle & High School Department for any queries or follow-up requests that pertain to children’s academic or behavioral well being. Accordingly, the HoDs would help with addressing the requests or would further reach out to subject Coordinators and Teachers should the need arise.

    For Preschool, the daily report form that the department shares with parents/guardians helps keep parents/guardians well informed of their child’s mood, eating habits, regular health check-ups, and other non-academic details that pertain to our growing children therein.

    For medical emergencies or routine health follow-up on children, parents or guardians would also coordinate with the Student Affairs Department or HoDs, both of whom would forward the queries or requests to the School’s Nurse.

    Surveys make another communication tool that BRIGHTS periodically relies on to check on its stakeholders’ satisfaction and suggestions, and bases its upcoming communal events and decisions on the results of those surveys.

    Besides, BRIGHTS’ regular release of Student Report Cards and organization of subsequent Parent Meetings help parents or guardians stay so involved in their children’s educational and behavioral progress so gradually, smoothly, and meticulously.

    At BRIGHTS, Parent-School-Parent Communication Circuit is one of many stakeholder engagement and empowerment methods that the school has yielded for its involved parties so as they keep up a highly organized communication channel that assists student progress, school improvement, and the noticeably growing flawless workflow.